Greetings! I am a medical professional by trade, so it has always been natural for me to care for others. Before I knew where my passions were, I was the girl who would run through the grass, bare foot in the rain. The feeling of freedom. Somewhere along the way I began to learn that everything we need is already provided for us though nature. Our blood and bones have an affinity for what the earth has already provided. So eventually I found my place in the world with leaves and seeds, roots and flowers, oils and butters and went back to school to learn Herbalism, of which I am a continual student. All of the magic of T&B happens in Los Angeles, CA with my children and my dog EKO.

Thank you for taking the time to know who I am. Through our interactions I'll come to know you as well. Look for me on Twitter Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. See you there!


The Apothecary and Botanica

An apothecary is a very old term from the 18th century, used for a person who made and sold medicines. Much later it was used in reference to pharmacies. The apothecary frequently diagnosed problems and compounded medications guided by tradition, folklore, or ancient medical books. For example, Headaches were often treated by vinegar of roses, a remedy made of rose petals steeped in vinegar and applied topically. Twigs & Berry takes this time old tradition, wrapped in the mystic of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Herbalism, and handcrafts an array of products from tinctures to butters, all blessings from the wild green places..

 To experience T&B products is to recreate those moments that can't be expressed with words: The warmth of the sun on your back, sand pouring through your fingers, or the sound of the ocean when your eyes are closed. It's going to be a wonderful journey! Please enjoy getting to know the quality of my craft and join with me in embracing and protecting the beauty of this earth and the miracles of nature.

Let's Get Free...

Keisha Jackson,
for Twigs & Berry Apothecary and Botanica